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A smooth experience for your pet ...
Puppy Angel offers highly professional and personalized grooming care.
Our approach to animals is more gentle and respectful.
Our canine guests are groomed one at a time, so as to reduce and even eliminate anxiety and stress for your pet. The high quality standards in terms of expertise and customer service of Puppy Angel espoused our canine stylists are at the heart of our mission. grooming care and mowing are lavished with love, gently, with high-end products suitable for sensitive skin. Grooming at Puppy Angel is also ... • A personalized card with the peculiarities of the animal kept in store. • A cut adapted to the characteristics of the race, the master's preferences. • Basic hygiene: cutting claws, shaving hair pads, ear cleaning. • Bain-massage with shampoo and conditioner suitable for your pet. • Key fragrance. • scarf, loop, bow or other little fantasy.
For appointments or information, contact us at 450 444-4441.