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Pretty Paw Milan Bellissimo Harness


The Milan Bellissimo is inspired by the elite fashion found in Italy and is the latest “Pretty In Pink” design expressing the playful polka-dot pattern, which is magnifique. The unique fabric highlights the mixture of luxurious rayon silk threads weaved in between layers of soft cotton showcasing a two-tone composition. The leatherette ribbing has a shimmer of pearlized accents as it encompasses the lightness of the blush material. To add to the extravagant appeal, it is designed with silver embroidery branding it as an opulence piece, which is definitely suited for a princess as the look is “stunningly priceless”.

"designer trends for your four-legged friends"

size 0: 1-3 lbs, neck 10"-11", chest 11"-13"
size 1: 3-6 lbs, neck 11"-12", chest 13"-15"
size 2: 6-10 lbs, neck 12"-14", chest 15"-17"
size 3: 10-17 lbs, neck 14"-16", chest 17"-19"
size 4: 17-27 lbs, neck 16"-18", chest 19"-22"
size 5: 27-41 lbs, neck 18"-20", chest 22"-25"
size 6: 41-60 lbs, neck 20"-22", chest 25"-28"
*measurements: pounds/inches